EXPLO – take time to EXPLORE & ORIENTATE yourself.


Contact us 

  • to plan and structure a constructive Explo (Gap Year/Sabbatical) 

  • for Application Training for school leavers & graduates or

  • for Workshops to establish your motivation & to set concrete and achievable goals

Through individual consultation, international expertise & network as well as selected partners we ensure that you will find orientation and structure for your next steps.

EXPLORE cultural diversity – Join a VOLUNTEER programme – Partake in an INTERNSHIP – Embark on an ADVENTURE – Become fluent in a LANGUAGE – Consolidate a HOBBY

“A gap year is positively encouraged by universities, and employers look favourably on any worthwhile experiences picked up while away from home because of skills gained such as independent learning, problem solving without a support network, self-sufficiency and internationalism.”

— British Council