10 Reasons to EXPLO

sabbatical10 Reasons for STUDENTS  

  1. LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF – New environments will broaden your perspective and different skills will be nurtured.
  2. TAKE YOUR DESTINY INTO YOUR OWN HANDS – after years of structured schooling and university an Explo is tailor-made to suit the challenges and experiences that you want to pursue.
  3. DEVELOP YOUR INTERESTS – Immerse yourself in a project that is close to your heart and explore a sense for your core. Faced with a myriad of choices dabble in a few to see what excites you.
  4. (A TASTE OF) THE BIGGER WIDER WORLD –broaden your horizons by actively exploring the world.
  5. ADD SKILLS TO YOUR TOOLBOX – Widen your portfolio of abilities in a challenging and competitive marketplace. Use the opportunity, in an anonymous environment, to explore your team competence.
  6. DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF – in a world with plenty of talented candidates unusual experiences are eye-catching to future interviewers and give you the opportunity to talk about something they probably know little about.
  7. GAIN PERSPECTIVE – away from an established peer group routine habits often fade away and you enrich your life with friendships from around the world.
  8. CONTRIBUTE – helping a good cause is a very rewarding experience.
  9. REKINDLE YOUR DESIRE TO LEARN – a change is as good as a rest: on returning to education after a break most students prove to be more motivated and focused then those who have not taken constructive time away from study.
  10. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – essential to a well-balanced life and more likely to be developed through active achievements and experiencing cultural diversity.

“A gap year is positively encouraged by universities, and employers look favourably on any worthwhile experiences picked up while away from home because of skills gained such as independent learning, problem solving without a support network, self-sufficiency and internationalism.”

— British Council