10 Reasons to EXPLO


10 Reasons for STUDENTS to Explo  ten-reasons-why

  1. LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF – New environments will broaden your perspective and different skills will be nurtured.
  2. TAKE YOUR DESTINY INTO YOUR OWN HANDS – After years of structured education, an Explo is tailor-made to suit the challenges and experiences that you want to pursue.
  3. DEVELOP YOUR INTERESTS – Immerse yourself in a project that is close to your heart and explore a sense for your core. Faced with a myriad of choices dabble in a few to see what excites you.
  4. SAMPLE (A TASTE OF) THE BIGGER WIDER WORLD – Broaden your horizons by actively exploring the world.
  5. ADD SKILLS TO YOUR TOOLBOX – Widen your portfolio of abilities for a challenging and competitive marketplace. Use the opportunity, in an anonymous environment, to explore your team competence.
  6. DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF – In a world with plenty of talented candidates, unusual experiences are eye-catching to future interviewers and give you something unique to discuss.
  7. GAIN PERSPECTIVE – Away from an established peer group routine habits often fade away and you enrich your life with friendships from around the world.
  8. CONTRIBUTE – Helping a good cause is a very rewarding experience.
  9. REKINDLE YOUR DESIRE TO LEARN – A change is as good as a rest: on returning to education after a break most students prove to be more motivated and focused than those who have not taken constructive time away from study.
  10. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – Essential for a well-balanced life and more likely to be developed through active achievements and experiencing cultural diversity.