EXPLO international services

Often Graduates consider taking an Explo on completion of their degree or between their Bachelors and Masters degrees. This is an optimal time to take time out and explore as you are now equipped with knowledge that you can apply to projects as you travel, before coming back with hands on experience.

At EXPLORIENTATION we sort the wheat from the chaff of possibilities and lead you to new ideas, constructive and tailor-made. With our experience and market knowledge, we accompany you through the process.

Explorientation has a worldwide network of dedicated consultants and advisors to help us find unique projects for our clients, their contacts and insider tips are invaluable and ensure that our consultations are ethical and tailor-made.

Added to this we have a network of young travellers who provide us with up to date information in their countries that keep us current and well informed.



Jane Edge is our representative in South Africa who sources invaluable and credible wildlife and community projects/internships.

Jane is a real African insider: Not only a native South African, but she is also a philanthropy consultant with nearly 30 years experience within the conservation, tourism and financial services sectors in Africa.

She has helped headline, support and market many internationally renowned organisations such as the World Conservation Union, African Parks and a range of safari operators such as CC Africa (now called &Beyond). Jane was also responsible for the set up of the South African operation for U.K. Gap Year Company Africa-Asia Venture. In 2015, Jane was appointed to the Board of Fair Trade Tourism as well as launching her own consultancy, AfroThrophic, which promotes a wide range of charitable causes in Africa with a focus on wildlife conservation.

Dr. Isabel CreuznacherCreuznacher,Isabel_Photo is our representative in Italy, based in Rome. Isabel studied Economics in Marburg and Madrid and completed her PhD on the topic “Personality Development to Entrepreneurial Competences in High School and University”.

Although Isabel offers worldwide customised programmes and seminars on “Entrepreneurial Personality” to companies, universities and high schools, her biggest passion is helping young people to rise to the challenges in their personal development. She has recently written an educational book on the subject, focusing on 2 young people leaving school and embarking on an Explorientation.