Application Training


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Before embarking on an EXPLO all school leavers are faced with interview/application processes, these could be for a summer job, an internship, a project, further education or a job, in some cases these would be for an international application.  All candidates have potential but this is often not realised.  We would like all our candidates to be optimally prepared.  Bettina Bergner, with her extensive experience in  Personnel, has joined the Explorientation team for this purpose.


  • Thorough research on the relevant Company/University.
  • An individual story board is planned.
  • CV, references, application letters are formulated and collated.
  • Practical Interview training.

Fee:  €245,00    3 hours (including preparation) individual consultation.



Cultural differences often make international applications a tough challenge.  Presenting yourself competently in English is a requirement many candidates will need for international applications.

  • What should an English CV look like?  Which certificates and references are relevant?  What cultural differences should be taken into account for an international application/interview.
  • Which questions are likely to arise and how can I answer them competently?
  • How do I prepare myself to make an authentic, competent and confident impression?

Stephanie Reschke, our English consultant with extensive international experience, guides candidates through the process.

Fee:   €245,00   3 hours (including preparation) individual consultation.