10 Reasons for Parents to let go

10 Reasons for PARENTS to let go  

  1. ESTABLISH MEANINGFUL GOALS – Your children will benefit from taking time to research and establish their goals before they embark on their next steps followed by a constructive Explo and the right further education choices.
  2. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY – For many the first meaningful break from their family.
  3. MANAGING TIME – The entire Explo process needs to be organised by themselves; this is a learning experience of its own.
  4. INCREASED CONFIDENCE AND MATURITY– An Explo instils a sense of achievement widely acknowledged and encouraged by Admission Departments worldwide.
  5. GROWTH OPPORTUNITY – They are at a phase of their lives where their minds are extremely receptive to new input before their next transition. You have laid the foundations, let others add to the job.
  6. CV ENHANCEMENT – Differentiation from the competition.
  7. ADMISSION DEPARTMENTS – Be seen in a favourable light: more mature and focused.
  8. LANGUAGES – The chance for your child to learn one or more languages in a natural environment surrounded by native speakers.
  9. BRIDGING THE GAP – Sometimes the chosen further education plans are not available straight away.
  10. LIFE SKILLS – Such as independent learning, problem-solving, self-sufficiency, internationalism and having to manage unknown situations on their own are invaluable for children’s self-esteem and maturity.