What we offer

Sketch EXPLO School is soon over, and then what?

Do I want to go straight back into a classroom scenario? What else could I do that would be constructive, that would get me out into the real world and learn something new? I would like to differentiate myself from the competition, explore the world, master new challenges and get a taste of what to do later with my life?

At EXPLORIENTATION we sort the wheat from the chaff of possibilities and lead you to new ideas – ones that are constructive and tailor-made. With our experience and market knowledge, we accompany you through the process.

We offer orientation, an exceptional network, international partners and work with you through the most important question – what skills do I have and what do I want to achieve?

With our international experience, we help find you the optimal challenge and the appropriate projects – your EXPLO.

The following overview on our services is available as a pdf download here: Explo Factsheet in English.