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School is soon over, and then what?

Do I want to go straight back into a classroom scenario?  What else could I do that would be constructive, that would get me out into the real world and learn something new?  I would like to differentiate myself from the competition, explore the world, master new challenges and get a taste of what I would like to do later with my life?  But how and what?

At EXPLORIENTATION we sort the wheat from the chaff of possibilities and lead you to new ideas, constructive and tailor-made. With our experience and market knowledge we accompany you through the process.

We offer orientation, an exceptional network, international partners and work with you through the most important question – what skills are available to me and what do I want to achieve?

With our international experience we help find you the optimal challenge, the appropriate projects – your EXPLO.

The following overview on our services is available as a pdf download here: Explo Factsheet in English.



Before we get going we will ask you to fill out a detailed Questionnaire and provide us with your Curriculum Vitae.  This provides us with the basis for our constructive consultation.  This establishes your resources so that together we can define clear goals and challenges for your EXPLO.

The questionnaire and CV is then discussed amongst the EXPLO team to gather initial ideas and options.

Individual Consultation

The first consultation paves the way for Orientation: What skills and experience do I have, what do I want to learn/experience in my EXPLO?  Which countries, goals and options come into question?

Each consultation is individual.  On average we sit together for +/- 1.5 hours followed by a telephone or personal talk with the parents to summarise the Orientation Phase.

This covers the following:

  • Analysis of the questionnaire: What are your resources (skills, experiences, qualities )?
  • We define EXPLO phases and goals.
  • From our extensive experience we bounce off fresh ideas to explore diverse options for your EXPLO.
  • We draft a potential time-line for your EXPLO.
  • We review budget and finance options.
  • We provide you with constructive feedback on your CV for relevant applications/internships.
  • We keep an eye on your further education plans to ensure that application processes are taken into account.
  • We provide concrete action points to move the process forward to the planning phase.
  • A telephone/personal talk with the parents round up the Orientation Phase.

Fee:  €245.00


After we have defined the different elements of your EXPLO in our Orientation Phase we get down to the details of planning –  finding the right projects and options as well as financing and logistics.

  • We present suitable projects and local information.
  • We plan your timeline.
  • We give you tips and where possible contacts for internships and help you with the application process.
  • We provide hands on advice for fund-raising and sponsorships.
  • We guide you through the interview process – formulation of introductory letters, CV’s and references in English and German for your internships, volunteer programmes or jobs.
  • We help you with logistical issues, insurance, travel plans, accommodation, etc.
  • We provide you with addresses, links and support information for the projects selected.

Fee: €85,00 / hour   Personal/telephone/skype/mail consultation



A written summary of the consultation can be provided detailing goals, options, addresses, links, CV feedback, tips on financing, travel options, support information and action points.   We highly recommend this helpful overview of the process.

Fee: €85,00

International Representation

Explorientation have a network of consultants and contacts worldwide.  The fee is based on an hourly rate.


School leavers face a new challenge often involving interview/applications processes for internships, projects, further education and jobs.  This process can be very demanding and frustrating as many applications are rejected.  We offer individual interview/application training.

Workshop-englLeft  WORKSHOPS

Workshops are offered on a regular basis on themes relevant to school leavers. Click here to find more about our Workshops.